about us

Andrew Swartzbaugh

I have been a system administrator/network administrator for the University of Southern California/Information Sciences Institute in Los Angeles since the beginning of 2000. Since graduating from University of Illinois with a bachelors degree in electrical engineering and UCLA with a masters degree (also in electrical engineering), most of my professional experience has been setting up Linux servers and Cisco routers and switches. My passion, however, is programming.

My first exposure to programming was at the University of Illinois. I took two programming classes and floundered early. I dropped out of both classes and took the classes instead at the (much easier) junior college in my hometown. It is my opinion that most principles of programming are straightforward; it is the lack of familiarity with a few basic concepts and tools that generally overwhelm new students. I believe that the first step is always the most difficult step and anything that eases the first step is a worthwhile contribution. I hope that this web site eases the introduction to minix.

My current interest is compilers. I have been studying the gcc compiler and am putting together a web site that describes the compilation process of the gcc compiler.

Brent Johnson

I have been working as a consultant in Chicago for the past few years working mainly with Microsoft technologies. I have a B.A. in political science and a M.A. in History, neither of which has helped me in my desire to improve my computer skills.

My goal of this project has been to provide a useful website for those interested in learning more about the Minix operating system.