Title: nwio_ipconf_t

Type nwio_ipconf_t contains the ip address information of an ip port (i.e., an element in ip_port_table[]:

typedef struct nwio_ipconf

u32_t nwic_flags;
ipaddr_t nwic_ipaddr;
ipaddr_t nwic_netmask;
} nwio_ipconf_t;
nwic_flags: reflects whether the ip address and the subnet mask have been set. The different flags are as follows:

#define NWIC_NOFLAGS 0x0
#define NWIC_FLAGS 0x3
#define NWIC_IPADDR_SET 0x1
#define NWIC_NETMASK_SET 0x2

nwic_ipaddr: the ip address (e.g.,

nwic_netmask: the subnet mask (e.g.,