Title: bf_afree()

After a chain of accessors is no longer needed, the chain (and not simply the single accessor passed as the parameter) can be freed by calling bf_free(). However, if either acc_linkC or buf_linkC of one of the accessors in the linked list is not equal to one (1), the entire chain will not be freed. For example, if buf_afree(acc1) is called for the following chain:

Then the resulting chain will be:

bf_afree() returns acc1 (accessors[63]) to acc_freelist (recall that acc_freelist is the linked list of acc_t's without an associated buffer). However, buffers512[127] cannot be freed because acc2 (accessors[64]) still references it.

bf_afree() is called after an accessor's associated data is no longer needed (for example, after a packet has been sent off by the ethernet driver).